An algorithms’ introduction in the white cube 

In this project I do several
attempts to unite the
subjective art world with the
so-called objective world of
big data and algorithms.
I investigate how I can
produce new works of art
by writing an algorithm for it.
While writing this algorithm,
I found out that algorithms
do not operate as objective
as we sometimes think.
With the art world as my
battleground, my aim is to
show that algorithms are as
subjective as our own
human gut feeling.
This project is an ongoing extensive research into the
subjectivity of algorithms.

working method:



Formulate question


Do research


Conduct experiment


Formulate new question


Be surprised


Come up with several ideas for final presentation


Create multiple works


Examine artwork data. Click image to see used dataset.


Can I write an algorithm that suggests new artworks? (suggestions printed on museum signs)


While examining the artwork data, I noticed how subjective this data was. I formulated a new question: ‘what if algorithms become subjective?’ In the process of answering this question, I started training an object-detection algorithm to make subjective value judgements.


Ask artists to create an artwork according to a suggestion of my algorithm.


Subjective algorithm at work. (Click full screen to enlarge videos)


Create an app that gives the user insight in how my subjective algorithm learned. Try out the app ︎here︎

Check out final presentation #1 ︎here︎

(the process)